Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Then & Now Weekly Preterist Podcast -
Posted every Sunday evening no later than 6pm (Eastern) - For more info, click here

Then & Now
Full Preterist Podcast

By Ed Stevens

Studying the past to shape a better future. Current studies are focused on the resurrection issue.

New podcasts posted every Sunday by 6 PM (Eastern). Almost a year’s worth of weekly podcasts are archived.

Listen for FREE right there on the BuzzSprout webpage or download it for listening offline later. You can subscribe to the RSS feed with your mobile device, or BookMark the podcast page in your web browser!


There are FREE lesson outlines (PDF) available for every podcast, which many listeners like to read as they listen. Saves you from taking notes! The PDFs are available by email request to . Be sure to mention the date of the podcast when you request it.

There are two Podcast Archive DVDs available containing over two years of weekly podcasts, each with its own MP3 audio track and PDF lesson outline. It is available to those who make a donation of $50 or more. Click here for full info on that.

We need your help!
The Obama economy has hit us hard, and expenses for our annual exhibit booth at the Evangelical Theological Society are taking a big bite. Plus, we are building a new website with a shopping cart, which is also taking a huge bite out of our budget. Your help is greatly needed. Please prayerfully consider making a one-time or monthly gift. Click here to donate.

Other Activities:
We set up an exhibit booth at the Evangelical Theological Society every year in November. We are also working on a multi-authored response book against Mathison's critique book. By making a contribution toward these projects, you will be one of the first to receive some of our latest resources! Read full story here.

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