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Trip to Israel and ETS

As a student of Early Christianity, I always wanted to go to Israel to research the remaining artifacts of first century Christians, both before AD 70 and right afterwards. Several months ago, one of our dear preterist friends asked if I had ever been to Israel. When I said that I had not, he offered to pay for our travel expenses. That was an offer I could not refuse, and we could never have taken such a trip without God’s gracious provision through ministry partners like this. However, only the airfare, lodging, car rental, guide fees, and food expenses were covered. Other tour fees, site entrance fees, research books and maps, artifacts, etc., were covered by us. Those expenses were significant, so we trust God to provide those things through your support.

When I shared this travel opportunity with my Masters Thesis supervisor and the Dean of the Graduate School, they both strongly encouraged me to go, and gave me a year extension of time to work on the thesis after I return. That sealed the deal!

So Beth and I just returned from our trip to the Mideast (Sept 18th – Oct 6th). Thanks so much for your prayers and support. We had a safe, healthy, and productive trip. We visited a lot of the sites related to the Jewish war, as well as any sites where evidence of first century Christians has been found. We took lots of pictures and video footage to share with you. The results of this research will be presented in a new series of podcasts entitled, “First Generation AFTER the End”. Those of you who support this ministry will be the first ones to get the details about our trip, as well as first access to all the video and audio resources that are produced from it in the coming months.

In November, a group of us preterists will descend upon San Antonio to work in our exhibit booth at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) conference. This is our 18th consecutive year to do this. Our exhibit booth is in a prime location with high traffic, and on the same isle with Eerdmans, Baker, Kregel, and Answers In Genesis. One new helper will join us this year, Jacki Miller (British Columbia). This means we will have three people from Canada, including John and Barb Johnston (Ottawa). Returning veterans Edmund Lee (New Orleans), Mathew Dryden (San Francisco), and David Webster (Maine) will complete our crew. This is a huge opportunity to share the preterist message with thousands of conservative evangelical theologians, seminary students, and ministry leaders (over 2500 in attendance). But it comes at a high price. Our expenses for this event take a huge bite out of our budget. We could never do it without your help. And those of you who support this ministry share in all the good fruit that comes from these efforts. There is more information about this at the bottom of the page.

Three New Resources

The Siege of Jerusalem by Titus – by Thomas Lewin

siege-lewinthumbnailIf you dread slogging through The Jewish Wars by Josephus with its archaic English and confusing meanderings, Lewin’s book will be a breath of fresh air. It is like a Readers Digest version of Josephus. Concise and easy to read. Great companion book for Ed’s podcasts on the Chronology of the War. Provides an excellent overview of the final days of the siege of Jerusalem (Spring and Summer of AD 70) when Titus employed his four legions against its massive walls. A must-read for anyone wishing to understand why the temple was destroyed and the Jews were dispersed. Only 88 pages.


Bamboozled Believers – by Michael Biehler


Condemned to hell by the leaders of his local church for believing Christ returned in the first century, Biehler rebounded with a brave new book that illuminates many of the hard-to-understand endtime scriptures. It not only presents the familiar preterist apologetic, but also faces down the common accusation of heresy which some futurists have hurled against us. And it challenges every reader to reexamine his core beliefs. Biehler encourages both futurists and preterists to renounce the legacy of hatred that hinders our constructive dialogue, and to come together like noble Bereans to search the scriptures. Believing that Jesus returned in the first century just as he promised is NOT heresy, but sober truth. Church leaders looking for a clear explanation of preterism, and how to handle it in a church setting, will find this book very useful.

Nebraska Retreat Videos and Audios – by Ed Stevens


Here is your chance to eavesdrop on a preterist study retreat hosted by the family and friends of Mike and Linda Nichols at their home in Chappell Nebraska in October 2014. There were eleven sessions over the course of five days, including presentations on the resurrection, bodily change, and catching up. Other sessions were: How to Interpret Scripture, Timing Is Everything, Cosmology, and the Preterist Worldview. Plus an interactive session where we dealt with some of the most common questions about first century fulfillment. We dug deeply into the biblical text (1Cor 15, 2Cor 5, and 1Thess 4) to provide some of the best explanations of the resurrection, change, and rapture that we have ever presented. There are eleven sessions on six DVDs in the album, plus an extra CD with all eleven audio MP3 tracks and PDF lesson outlines. If you want to understand what Paul taught about the resurrection of the dead, the change of the living, and the catching up of all the saints, this is what you are looking for!

How To Get These New Resources

Those of you who support this ministry through your gifts and monthly contributions will be the first ones to get these new resources. If you made a donation within the last month, or supported us monthly, you will automatically receive the following new resources:
  • Those who make a donation of $25 (or support $25 monthly) will automatically receive the new Lewin book, The Siege of Jerusalem by Titus.
  • Those who make a donation of $50 (or support $50 monthly) may select either the new Biehler book Bamboozled Believers, or the Nebraska Retreat Videos and Audios. Please tell us which of these two resources you wish to receive.
  • Those who make a donation of $100 or more (or support $100 or more monthly) will automatically receive all three of these new resources.
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Thanks for your partnership. May God “supply all your needs” (Phlp 4:19) and “make all grace abound to you” (2Cor 9:8), so that you will share in all the good fruit that we produce (Phlp 4:17; Matt 6:20; 1Tim 6:19).

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