Niagara Conference

Niagara Preterist Conference

Niagara Falls, NY
July 20-22

WHAT: Preterist Conference in Niagara Falls

WHEN: July 20-22, 2017 (Thur – Sat)

WHERE: DoubleTree Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY (USA)

COSTS: The conference is FREE for everyone.

SPEAKERS: Joe McGinty, Arthur Melanson, Parker Voll, David Johnston, Rod Stokes, Mike Robinson, Ed Stevens, and others.

FREE for Everyone

Our supporters covered all the costs, so the conference is FREE for everyone. However, you are still responsible for your own lodging, meals, and travel expenses.

To Be Held at the DoubleTree Hotel

The DoubleTree Hotel is located at:
401 Buffalo Avenue in Niagara Falls, NY 14303 (USA)

About the Conference

There is so much confusion in preterism about the Resurrection of the Dead and the Bodily Change of the Living. This conference is designed to bring some clarity! “Come with Questions, Leave with Answers”

There will be eight presentations on Resurrection and Bodily Change from speakers who hold to the Individual Body View (IBV). The highlight for many of us will be an exchange between Mike Miano and Ed Stevens entitled: Two Views of the Bodily Change. Miano will present the Collective Body View (CBV) of 1Cor 15:50-57, and Stevens will present the Individual Body View (IBV). Then both speakers will respond to written questions from the audience.

One of the main attractions to preterist conferences is the wonderful fellowship with like-minded Christians. And when that great fellowship and intense study of Scripture is combined with one of the world’s hottest tourist attractions (Niagara Falls), it is a recipe for excitement. Niagara Falls is the “Honeymoon Capital of the World”!

All the Conference Details about lodging, restaurants, tourist attractions, and the conference schedule are available for onscreen viewing or download under the Activities menu (CLICK HERE).

Why You Need to Register

Even though the conference is FREE, there is still a very good reason why you need to register in advance. When you check-in at the Registration Table, you will receive the following:

  • Folder of Information about the conference (schedule, announcements, etc.)
  • Bag of Tourist Info from the Official USA Niagara Falls Visitor’s Center.
  • Seven FREE books: The Parousia by J.S. Russell, three books by Jessie Mills, Case Dismissed by Randall Otto, Dead in Their Tracks by John Noe, and Matthew 16:27-28 Some of Those Standing Here by Ed Stevens.

However, we cannot guarantee that we will have enough of those items to give to you unless we know you are coming. Those who just show up at the door without registering in advance may not be able to get these items. So be sure to let us know that you are planning to come as far in advance as you can. That will ensure that you get these items at check-in!

Plus, the DoubleTree supervisor needs to know how many tables and chairs to set up in the conference room. Seating will be arranged “classroom-style” so that everyone can sit at a table with their laptops, Bibles, and notepads in front of them. But if we do not know you are coming, we might not have enough table space arranged for you. So be sure to register at least two weeks in advance. 

How to Register

Filling out the registration form is NOT locking you into anything. There is no obligation whatsoever. So if you are not sure whether you will actually be able to come, it would still really help us to know that you are hoping to come. We would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. So even if your plans are not finalized yet, go ahead and fill out the online registration form to let us know that you are at least hoping to come. We will check back with you in July to see how those plans are taking shape at that time. To register for the conference, click here


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