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Niagara Pret Conf 2017 (DVD album)
Several of our past conferences dealt with the resurrection of the...
Niagara Pret Conf 2017 (MP3 CD)
Several of our past conferences dealt with the resurrection of the...
Genesis: Historical or Mythological
By Edward C. Wharton – Excerpts from the book: “The theme of...
Right From the Start
By Dr. David M. Fouts – Too many of us Christians have been...
Searching For Adam
Multi-Authored, edited by Terry Mortenson – Too many Christians...
What Happened In A.D. 70? (PDF download)
By Edward E. Stevens - Excellent introduction to the preterist...
What Happened In A.D. 70?
By Edward E. Stevens - Excellent introduction to the preterist...
Maryland Seminar 2018 (MP3 CD)
This was a Saturday afternoon seminar in Bel Air, Maryland on...
Maryland Seminar 2018 (DVD album)
This was a Saturday afternoon seminar in Bel Air, Maryland on...

New Resources to Refute CBV & CC

The first speech at the Niagara Preterist Conference was entitled, “Starting Out RIGHT in Genesis”. The purpose of that presentation was to establish the following points:

  • Jesus and the Apostles accepted Gen 1-11 as literally and historically true
  • The earth is not millions or billions of years old
  • There were no other humans on planet earth before Adam
  • Adam was the first human being ever created by God
  • Eve was formed from a rib taken from the side of Adam
  • All human beings that ever lived on earth came from Adam and Eve
  • God threatened death against Adam if he ate from the forbidden tree
  • That threatened death included both spiritual and physical death
  • Adam and Eve sinned and caused human physical death to enter the world
  • The flood in Noah’s day was a global catastrophic event

You might ask: HOW does this relate to the preterist view, and WHY did the first speech deal with it? Every false doctrine that has ever arisen in the historic church began by misinterpreting Genesis 1-11. And every systematic theologian knows that the way we interpret Genesis 1-11 will determine the rest of our theology about salvation and redemption. We cannot start out WRONG in Genesis and expect to end up RIGHT in Revelation!

There are two groups within preterism who misinterpret Genesis 1-11, who are thus building their theological systems on faulty foundations: (1) the Collective Body View (CBV), and (2) the Covenant Creation (CC) view. Each of these views denies one or more of the points listed above.

For instance, the CBV denies that the death threat against Adam included physical death, thus implying that Jesus did not need to die physically in order to reverse the Death of Adam. And the CC view boldly asserts that Adam was not the first human being who was created by God to live on planet earth. They believe there were millions of human beings on earth before Adam and Eve, and that physical death of human beings was already in the world before Adam and Eve. Just like the CBV, the advocates of CC also teach that the death threat against Adam had nothing to do with physical death, since they believe physical death was already in the world before Adam sinned. One of their sources for these ideas was Max King who said, “…there is nothing in the Genesis account of Adam’s fall to indicate a loss of physical immortality through his sin. Such is not listed as one of the punishments for Adam’s sin” (TCTP, p. 615, third paragraph). Thus, their view of the Death of Adam not only downplays the significance of the physical death of Jesus (as Dr. Robert Strimple noted), but eliminates the necessity of his physical death altogether! Needless to say, the gospel of the Cross is at stake here!

So we can see that the first speech at the conference is not only relevant to preterism, but is an important resource that exposes the fundamental errors of the CBV and CC views within preterism. Here is a quote from that speech:

Even if there were no other distortions of Genesis being taught by the Covenant Creationists (and there are), just this one false doctrine of Adam not being the first human being on planet earth is enough to refute it. Jesus, the apostles, and the NT writers taught that Adam was the first human being on planet earth. To teach otherwise, as Covenant Creationism does, is to make Jesus and the Apostles mistaken.” (Ed Stevens, “Starting Out RIGHT in Genesis”)

This speech, along with these five new resources, very effectively refutes both of those views:

  • Knocks out the foundation of the Collective Body View by showing that the Death of Adam had to include physical death, or else Jesus did not have to die physically on the Cross.
  • Refutes the Covenant Creation view by showing that Adam was indeed the first human being that ever lived on planet earth, and that the flood of Noah was global.

When you read the descriptions of these new books and videos, you will understand why they are not only relevant, but absolutely critical for all preterists to study carefully. Click on the pictures of the new resources above to read their descriptions:

  • Right from the Start! (Dr. David Fouts) 172-page book
  • Searching for Adam (Terry Mortenson) 524-page book
  • Genesis: Historical or Mythological (Ed Wharton) 19-page booklet
  • Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mountain (Wyatt Arch. Res.) 279pp hb
  • Discovered Noah’s Ark (Wyatt Arch. Res.) DVD in album with color cover

Also, if you do not already have the videos and audios from the Niagara conference, they are available for order right here on this page as well. Click on the pictures of the DVD album and MP3 CD above to read their descriptions and to add them to your shopping cart:

  • DVD AlbumNiagara Preterist Conference 2017 – There are six DVDs in the album containing all 14 sessions, plus a free copy of the MP3 CD described below.
  • MP3 CDNiagara Preterist Conference 2017 – Contains all 14 MP3 audio tracks, plus the conference schedule, program book, and PDF lesson outlines for all seven of the main speeches.
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