Vancouver Conference

Vancouver Preterist Conference

Maple Ridge, BC Canada
August 23-25, 2018

About the Conference

• WHEN: August 23-25, 2018
• WHERE: Open Door Church in Maple Ridge, BC Canada
Five Speakers and Ten Speeches
• Conference Theme: Understanding the End Times

Since there are a lot of folks who are new to the idea of First Century Fulfillment of End Times Prophecy, we wanted to share some basic concepts and principles. There will be ten speeches, three Q&A sessions, and three brief testimonials (My Preterist Journey). Here are the speakers and their topics:

• Understanding the Old Covenant and End Times – Rod Stokes
Don’t Be Bamboozled (Part 1) – Michael Biehler
• Don’t Be Bamboozled (Part 2) – Michael Biehler
Timing Is Everything – Parker Voll
Understanding the End Times (Part 1) – Ken Higgs
• Understanding the End Times (Part 2) – Ken Higgs
History of Resurrection Views – Ed Stevens
• Key Differences Between CBV & IBV – Ed Stevens
Theology of the Rapture – Parker Voll
Preterist Worldview and Afterlife – Ed Stevens

This event will provide great opportunities for Christian fellowship and getting your specific questions addressed.

Because the Friday noon meal will be provided by the local congregation, we need to know how many people are planning to attend, so that we can prepare enough food. So if you are planning to attend, be sure to REGISTER (not available).

This conference will NOT be live-streamed, but all ten speeches and the three Q&A sessions will be recorded, and will be made available on DVD (video) and MP3 (audio) sometime after the conference.

To download the complete conference schedule (click here). To get information about lodging, travel logistics, the physical address (GPS) of the conference site, and other details, download the Conference Info PDF (click here).

To Register or Get More Info

• To Download the Schedule: CLICK HERE
• To Download the Lodging & Travel Details: CLICK HERE
• To Register for the Conference: (not available)
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