Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mtn.

By Mary Nell Wyatt, wife of Ron Wyatt (pub. by Wyatt Archaeological Research) – Ever since the Turkish and American pilots took photos of this object back in 1959, people all over the world have wondered if this might be the fossilized remains of Noah’s Ark. When Ron Wyatt read the LIFE magazine article about it (Sept 5, 1960), his interest in the site was awakened. For the next 39 years, he visited the site many times, surveyed it, and did a lot of surface and sub-surface analysis, along with chemical, magnetic, and organic analysis of the material on the site. All of the results from those tests were consistent with his theory that this was a large man-made boat-shaped structure. The fact that there were large anchor stones in the area around the boat, along with a carved stone pillar at the top of the hill with a boat inscribed on it, all pointed to the same conclusion. A core drilling into the side of the boat produced an antler and feline hair. This object was in the right place (in the mountains of Ararat), and has the right shape, and the exact length the Bible gives for the Ark of Noah. This book documents all of Ron Wyatt’s work on the site, with photos, illustrations, news clippings, and quotes from scientists who examined the evidence, both pro and con. The Turkish government sent their archaeologists and scientists to the site to check the work of Ron Wyatt. In 1987, they officially recognized this man-made structure as Noah’s Ark, then dedicated the site as a national park, and built a visitors center on the hill overlooking it. If you want to know the whole story about this site, this book is what you are looking for. The size and location of this boat supports the idea of a global flood, and shows that the Biblical account in Genesis is historically and geologically accurate and trustworthy. This book provides all the evidence you need to believe the Genesis account of Noah, the Ark, and the global flood. There is a DVD related to this, Discovered: Noah’s Ark, which is available right here on this website bookstore. [Hardback with dust cover, 279 pp]