Parousia, The (second edition)

By J. Stuart Russell. Classic defense of the Preterist view. Goes through the whole New Testament examining every text which talks about the Second Coming (Parousia) and explaining how they were all fulfilled in the first century in connection with Christ’s coming in judgment upon the Jewish nation in AD 70. Originally published in 1878. Examines every NT text which relates to the Second Coming, showing that it had to occur at AD 70. This is the book which convinced David Chilton and many others. Endorsements by Walt Hibbard, Gary DeMar, Ken Gentry and R. C. Sproul, Sr. Second Printing of New Edition. Includes Russell’s “Afterword” from his 2nd edition (1887), a picture of Russell, and biographical sketch. Forewords by Walt Hibbard and Ed Stevens. 608 pp pb