Searching For Adam

Multi-Authored, edited by Terry Mortenson – Too many Christians have been confused by evolutionary science, and wonder whether the Genesis account of Adam and Eve and the Fall is literally and historically credible. “The debate over the origins of humankind rages on . . . [The evolutionary side of the debate] ends with denying that Adam and Eve were the originating, historical, and genetic progenitors of the entire human race” (W. D. Barrick, p. 18). “Theistic evolution is serious error, and [it leads to] heresy . . . as revealed in a . . . Biologos web article by . . . Joseph Bankard” where he admits that theistic evolution conflicts with essential biblical doctrine. He asserts: “Substitutionary atonement sees original sin as a major reason for Christ’s death. But macroevolution calls the Fall and the doctrine of sin into question. Thus evolution poses a significant challenge to substitutionary atonement. . . . the incarnation is not primarily about the cross. God does not send Jesus to die. God does not require Jesus’s death in order to forgive humanity’s sin” (Mortenson, pp. 468-469). In net effect, Bankard is saying that evolutionary science nullifies the biblical doctrine of substitutionary atonement on the Cross by the Incarnate Word. Mortenson sums it up cogently: “Theistic evolution is indeed ultimately an assault on the gospel of Jesus Christ . . . [because of its] philosophically driven anti-biblical interpretations masquerading as scientific findings” (Mortenson, pp. 469, 471). This multi-authored book provides all the genetic, scientific, archaeological, historical, and biblical evidence to show that Adam and Eve were the first two humans who ever lived on planet earth, that they were the original parents from whom all other humans descended, and that they were the origin of both sin and death. Thus, the Genesis account of Adam and Eve is literally and historically trustworthy, and belief in a literal-historical Adam and Eve and the Fall is absolutely essential to the gospel. [Trade paper, 524 pp]