Philadelphia Seminar

What: Prophecy Seminar: What Happened in A.D. 70? 
When: Saturday, September 21, 2019.
Where: Fellowship Bible Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There were three lessons, plus two Q&A sessions: (1) The BIG Picture (overview); (2) The TIME of Fulfillment; and (3) The NATURE of Fulfillment. These sessions provide a great introduction to the Preterist view. So, if you are new to the idea of past fulfillment of endtime prophecy in the first century, this is a great seminar for you and your friends. The sessions were recorded on both video and audio. They will be available for purchase in a few weeks. For more info about the seminar, click here for the details

Preston–Stevens Debate

In February 2018 Don Preston and Ed Stevens agreed to debate the rapture. It is a written debate, with each section to be posted on FaceBook as it becomes available. Preston is defending his proposition first, and has already submitted his first two Affirmatives. And Stevens has likewise submitted his first two NegativesIf you wish to follow the progress of the debate, you may join the PRETERIST DEBATE group on FaceBook. Click Here to go to there.

Vancouver Preterist Conference

The conference was hosted by Rod Stokes and the Berean Bible Fellowship on August 23-25 in Maple Ridge, BC Canada (Vancouver area). The theme was Understanding the End Times. There were ten speeches, three Q&A sessions, and three testimonials from new preterists. Here is something for everyone, no matter what your level of understanding. These presentations are especially helpful for anyone new to the Preterist view. And two of the lessons by Ed Stevens will be of special interest to long-time preterists who want to better understand the resurrection issue. The topics and speakers were:

• Understanding the Old Covenant and End Times – Rod Stokes
Don’t Be Bamboozled (Part 1) – Michael Biehler
• Don’t Be Bamboozled (Part 2) – Michael Biehler
Timing Is Everything – Parker Voll
Understanding the End Times (Part 1) – Ken Higgs
• Understanding the End Times (Part 2) – Ken Higgs
History of Resurrection Views – Ed Stevens
Key Differences Between CBV & IBV – Ed Stevens
Theology of the Rapture – Parker Voll
Preterist Worldview and Afterlife – Ed Stevens

In his first lesson, Stevens gives a historical overview of where the Futurist concept of resurrection came from, as well as how the two major preterist resurrection views were developed in the last 40 years. Then in his second lesson he explains the key differences between the two preterist resurrection views. This is totally new information that was not presented in any of our previous conferences. If you are struggling with the resurrection issue, you will especially want to watch these two lessons.

This conference was NOT live-streamed, but all ten speeches and the three Q&A sessions were recorded, and are available here on DVD (video) and MP3 (audio). For more information, or to order the DVD album, click here. To order the MP3 disc (audio only), click here.

Maryland Seminar

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, in Bel Air, Maryland, Ed Stevens presented two lessons, followed by a Q&A session: (1) When Did Christ Promise to Return? and (2) What Happened in A.D. 70? These sessions provide a great introduction to the Preterist view. If you are new to the idea of past fulfillment in the first century, this is a good set of videos to watch, or to share with your non-preterist friends. The album contains two DVD’s and one CD. The DVD’s have the two lessons and the Q&A session. The CD has the MP3 audio tracks for all three sessions, plus numerous related charts and articles (PDF format), including a free PDF electronic copy of the book, What Happened in A.D. 70? For more info, or to order the DVD album, click here. For the MP3 CD only, click here.

‘What Happened’ Book Reprinted

By Edward E. Stevens – Now available in its sixth edition, with significant enhancements and a new cover design. It shows the historical fulfillment of the first century Return of Christ. The Matthew 24-Luke 17 chart, list of fulfillments in Josephus, chart on the intensification of the TIME statements in the last NT books, plus the annotated bibliography of preterist writings make this short book “a good basic introduction” to the Full Preterist view (Walt Hibbard). It affirms the completion of all NT books by the time Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70. There are both a printed edition and an electronic edition of the book available. Only 64 pages.

Six New Resources

1. Vancouver Conf. DVD album (10 speeches & 3 Q&A sessions) (click here)
2. Vancouver Conf. MP3 disc (10 speeches & 3 Q&A sessions) (click here)
3. Maryland Seminar DVD album (2 speeches & Q&A session) (click here)
4. Maryland Seminar MP3 disc (2 speeches & Q&A session) (click here)
5. What Happened in A.D. 70? Book (print edition) (click here)
6. What Happened in A.D. 70? eBook (PDF edition) (click here)
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