Items & Services Needed

We are always in need of the following items and services. If you wish to donate these items, simply box them up and ship them to our ministry address (122 Seaward Ave, Bradford PA 16701 USA):

– Computer Equipment or Software
– Office Equipment
– Theology Books or Bible Commentaries

If you can provide any of the following services, call us (814-368-6578) or email us (pret1_graphic) to discuss the details:

– Website design, development, and updates (using WordPress)
– Edit articles for publication or posting on the website
– Audio/Video editing of podcasts and seminar videos
– Operate the video cameras and recorders at our seminars
– Help us stream our live seminars to the Internet
– Be a regional associate to share preterism with contacts in your area
– Work in the exhibit booth at the Evangelical Theological Society

Donate by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card