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Please Register: Even though the seminar is FREE, we still need you to register because we need to know how many free books and registration packets to bring. Fill in your contact information in the form below (tabbing between fields), print a copy for your records, and then click the “SUBMIT” button to securely send your request to us. NOTE: Be careful not to hit the ENTER key until you are finished typing in your information. Use the tab key to move from one text box to the next. In the comments box, be sure to tell us how many will be coming with you, and what their names are. If you have any difficulty with this form, simply call us on the phone: 814-368-6578

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COMMENTS: Will you be flying or driving to the seminar? At which hotel will you be lodging? How many will be coming with you, and what are their names? Do you have any special needs or disabilities that we might need to be aware of.

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