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Studying the past to shape a better future.

When we resume our Biblical and Historical studies, we will be dealing with the first generation after AD 70.

Almost two years of weekly podcasts are archived here on this site. Topics include first century historical fulfillments of end time events and other eschatological topics from a Full Preterist perspective.

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There are FREE lesson outlines (PDF) available for every podcast, which many listeners like to read as they listen. Saves you from taking notes! When requesting the PDFs to be sent to you, be sure to mention the title and date of the podcast. Individual PDFs are available by email request to: pret1_graphic

There are two Podcast Archive DVDs available containing about three years of weekly podcasts, each with its own MP3 audio track and PDF lesson outline. They are free to monthly supporters and those who make a donation of $50 or more. See details below.

Podcast Archive DVD

Several have requested access to the Then and Now historical podcasts we produced at Preterist Radio (www.AD70.net), so we archived all of them on two DVDs:

Contents of the two DVDs:
15 Lessons on Intertestamental History (539 BC to 4 BC)
70 Lessons on First Century History (4 BC to 62 AD)
31 Other maps, charts, and lesson outlines also included

• 85 Lessons on Biblical History and related topics
• Each with its own MP3 audio file and PDF lesson outline
• Intertestamental History — from Exile to Christ (Maccabean and Herodianeras)
• First Century History — life of Christ and the book of Acts
• Both biblical and secular history related to the plan of redemption and the fulfillment of bible prophecy from a preterist perspective
• 85 audio tracks (99 cents each) with PDF lesson outlines to go with them
• Over a year and a half of weekly historical studies

• Tremendous insight into the historical background of the Bible
• Great survey of the Maccabean and Herodian periods
• Solid foundation for understanding the New Testament
• Shows when all the NT books were written
• Traces the development of the NT canon of writings
• Points out the fulfillments of bible prophecy
• Prepares us for the events leading up to AD 70

How to Get this set of Podcast Archive DVDs:
Simply go to our online STORE right here on this website and order it!

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