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Our Main Ministry Activities:

Every day we thank God for all of you who support this ministry and pray for us. We could not do this without you. Apostle Paul said it this way:

We give thanks to God always for all of you, making mention of you in our prayers (1Thess 1:2). Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; so that you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God (2Cor 9:10-11).

When I wonder if our ministry is really making a difference, soon afterwards I get an email or call from someone who has been edified by our work. That is extremely encouraging to me, as it also is to those of you who support us. You share in all the good fruit that comes from our efforts. Here are a few examples of those encouraging letters that I frequently receive:

“Thanks for the all the great material you sent! I admit that when I first came across full preterism and read your work about a rapture, I was skeptical. However, after reviewing your material and listening to the podcasts, I became convinced that a rapture was the only way to explain the silence about the Second Coming. Your articles and podcasts helped preserve my belief in the inerrancy of Scripture.”B.E., Elwood IN

I’m listening to the podcasts and it helps so much! What a blessing those podcasts are to the Full Preterist community! Such glory given to Christ in all of them. Check them out and feed your soul! It’s very logical and scriptural to hold to the rapture. Had I not come across this explanation of the rapture, I would have gone back to futurism. The views of some Full Preterists have left my head in a mess. These podcasts have given me back my sanity. God bless you, sir.”Lilo S.R. on FaceBook

“In one of your podcasts you stated a challenge for future generations of preterists to carry the torch, and that they need to search for answers about why and how the early church fathers got off-track. I hope to be one of those next generation preterists to carry the torch. I am especially thankful for your teachings on the rapture, canonization, history, and cosmology. I am committed and on fire for the truth, and I really want to help spread the preterist message. Your work is bearing fruit. You are in my prayers.”D.W., Colville, WA

Below is a brief list of our main ministry activities right now, as well as our plans (Lord willing) for the coming year:

Current Ministry Activities:
* Speaking at Conferences (Niagara and Vancouver)
* Written Debate on the Rapture with Don Preston
* Write articles for our regular column in Fulfilled magazine
* Set up an annual exhibit booth at the ETS conference
* New FaceBook Group for IBV Rapture Preterists
* Developmental work on the website
* Research for next series of podcasts
* Production of many more articles in PDF format on various preterist topics
* Answering email questions and sending PDF articles

Plans (Lord Willing) for the Coming Year:
* Finish the Masters Thesis
* Restart the Podcasts
* Write articles for Fulfilled magazine
* Exhibit booth at ETS in November
* Publish some of Martha McElwain’s books on preterism
* Convert more of our print books into eBooks
* Annual Preterist Conference
* Speak at other preterist conferences
* Further development of website and add new resources to it

Exhibit Booth at ETS:

In November of every year, a group of us preterists set up an exhibit booth at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) conference. Nov 2018 will be our 20th consecutive year to do this. I want to thank those dear brothers and sisters who go with me to ETS at their own expense: Edmund Lee (New Orleans), Mathew Dryden (San Francisco), Parker Voll (Rochester NY), David and Jacki Miller (British Columbia), and John and Barb Johnston (Ottawa). This is a huge opportunity to share the preterist message with thousands of conservative evangelical theologians, seminary students, and ministry leaders. But it comes at a high price. Our expenses for this event take a huge bite out of our budget, and we are extremely grateful to all of you who financially support it and pray for our efforts there.

Every year at ETS there are around 2500 in attendance. We try to locate our exhibit booth in a high traffic area, on the same isle close to some of the major evangelical Christian publishers (like Eerdmans, Baker Books, IVP, Kregel, Crossway, and Zondervan). Literally thousands of attendees walk right by our booth and see our sign (see below). What an opportunity!

Exhibit Booth Sign
Many of them stop to look at our books and learn more about the preterist view. We give each of them a free book and got their contact info so that we can keep in touch. Each of those books that we give to them are like little missionaries for the preterist view, and God has promised that His Truth will not return to Him devoid of fruit.

Every year some of the contacts we made in previous years come by the booth to ask more questions and get more info. As their understanding of preterism deepens, their resistance decreases, and their receptivity grows. It is this kind of repeated exposure year after year which makes a difference. I hope I live to see a bunch of conservative evangelical scholars move on into the Full Preterist view, and then take it to the world and to all future generations.

There is no better place to get the preterist message into the eyes and ears of the conservative evangelical leaders than at ETS. Preterism thrives in an environment like that where there are strong conservative bible believers. Liberals will never accept preterism, nor do anything with it even if they do accept it (because of its conservative implications). But evangelicals will take it to the stars once they see the powerful apologetic that it provides against the liberal-skeptical attack on the Bible. This is why I am so focused on spreading the preterist message there at ETS. It is our hope for the future of preterism. And those of you who support this ministry have a share in all the good fruit that comes from our work there.

FaceBook Group

If you are a subscriber to FaceBook, you might consider joining our group called: IBV Rapture Preterist. It is an exclusive group for only those full preterists who already believe in the Individual Body View of resurrection and the First Century Rapture. If you meet those criteria, then search for the group on FaceBook and request to join.

Written Debate With Don Preston:

Early in 2018, Jeff Bricks challenged Preston and me to have a debate on the rapture. Preston quickly signed on to that idea, and I followed suit immediately after. We composed our propositions, and asked each other 30 questions. As soon as that question exchange is finished, Preston will begin the debate with his First Affirmative.

Podcast Plans:

We hope to resume the podcasts sometime in the next year or so. The next series will deal with the First Generation of Christian History right after AD 70. As many of you know, that was a very silent and obscure period for true Christianity, but a very active time for the Gnostics, Judaizers, and other heretics. Over the past two years I have accumulated a lot of books which explore this period and the apocryphal writings which were produced during that time. Knowing what happened during that first generation after AD 70 will greatly help us understand why the second century church was so confused ecclesiastically, Christologically, theologically, and eschatologically. I am anxious to share all of that interesting historical information with you.

We Need Your Prayers and Support

I am absolutely thrilled with the positive impact that our ETS exhibit booth, magazine articles, podcasts, FaceBook group, and email replies are having in the lives of truth-seekers around the world. Every week I am exchanging emails with fellow preterists in several foreign countries (England, Austria, Ethiopia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, etc.). So your support of this work is bearing fruit for the Kingdom all over the world.

Please keep us in your budget. This teaching and publishing ministry can not survive without your prayers and support. If you have not already done so, please prayerfully consider making a donation or setting up monthly support. You can do that by clicking here, or by calling us on the phone (814-368-6578).

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