Bamboozled Believers

By Michael Biehler. Condemned to hell by the leaders of his local church for believing Christ returned in the first century, Biehler rebounded with a brave new book that illuminates many of the hard-to-understand endtime scriptures. It not only presents the familiar preterist apologetic, but also faces down the common accusation of heresy which some futurists have hurled against us. And it challenges every reader to reexamine his core beliefs. Biehler encourages both futurists and preterists to renounce the legacy of hatred that hinders our constructive dialogue, and to come together like noble Bereans to search the scriptures. Believing that Jesus returned in the first century just as he promised is NOT heresy, but sober truth. Church leaders looking for a clear explanation of preterism, and how to handle it in a church setting, will find this book very useful. Trade Paper. 252 pages.