Cov. Esch. Sympos. (24 tracks)

By Max King and others. This is the complete set of 24 MP3 audio tracks from the Jan. 1993 Covenant Eschatology Symposium in Orlando Florida where Max and Tim King met with about a dozen Reformed scholars to discuss preterist eschatology and interact with Max’s big book, The Cross and the Parousia. This was the occasion when those Reformed theologians interacted with Max King’s Collective Body View (CBV) and explained why they can never accept it. Dr. Robert Strimple and Dr. Charles Hill were two of the participants in that symposium, and this was when they first presented their critical papers against full preterism, which were later enhanced and included as two of the chapters in Keith Mathison’s critique book (When Shall These Things Be?). If you are interested in seeing how those Reformed theologians dealt with the Collective Body View (CBV), this would be a good series of studies to hear.