Growing in the Kingdom – Leader Guide

By Michael Alan Nichols. This is an excellent manual for family and small groups to utilize for developing a substantial doctrinal understanding of God and the Bible. There are thirty-two separate lessons that a Christian parent or leader can use to lead these bible studies. This instruction is offered from a sovereign grace and full preterist perspective. SECTION ONE deals with Presenting Jesus, the Atonement, and other related topics; SECTION TWO looks at Christian Marriage, Security in Christ, and other comparable subjects; SECTION THREE covers several of the Attributes of God; including His eternal love, His omniscience, His omnipotence, and more; SECTION FOUR offers seven lessons on the basic teachings of Fulfilled Prophecy. There is a separate Student’s Guide with one-word fill-in-the-blanks to help students learn the material. Manuscript size. Spiral bound. 78 pp pb