How Death Entered the World (MP3 download)

First speech by Ed Stevens at the seminar held in Garrettsville, Ohio in 2011. Speakers: Ed Stevens and Parker Voll. The Theme of the seminar was: Resurrected, Changed, and Gathered. This is the first preterist seminar ever devoted exclusively to a study of the Resurrection of the Dead from an Individual Body perspective. If you are like most, you are confused by the Collective Body view, and looking for a better explanation. Here it is! Several individuals like the following have said these presentations were a turning point for them: “this really negates the Collective Body View, and clearly shows how “body” in the resurrection passages refers to individual bodies of believers” [T.C. in NC]. If you are confused about the resurrection, this is what you are looking for. The first lesson showed how “Death Entered the World” through the sin of Adam, and what kind of death he actually died “on that day” that he ate. The second lesson clarified what kind of “Resurrection of the Dead” occurred in AD 70. Then Parker Voll explained what the “Change of the Living” is talking about (1 Cor. 15:51-54; 2 Cor. 5:1-4). The fourth lesson dealt with the “Gathering of the Elect” (rapture) mentioned in Matt. 24:31. And the final lesson discussed the historical problems in the “First Generation After AD 70” which we preterists have failed to satisfactorily explain. In addition to the five presentations, there were two Question and Answer Sessions which dealt with many interesting issues related to Preterism. You will hear things here that you are not hearing anywhere else in the Preterist movement. You will finally understand the resurrection, change of the living, and rapture issues. Available in both video and audio formats. There is a lesson outline in PDF format available for download with this Audio MP3 track. Be sure to get it when you download the audio file.