Josephus: Complete Works hb

Translated by William Whiston. Written by a first century Jewish priest who served as one of the Zealot army commanders over the forces in Galilee. He was captured early in the war and allowed to travel with Vespasian and Titus in a translator and advisory capacity. After the war he was adopted by the Flavian family and commissioned to write a history of the Jewish War. These amazing narratives will help you get a grip on the historical context of the first century. Includes both the “Antiquities” and “The Wars.” Invaluable for tracing the course of the Jewish revolt and Jerusalem’s final destruction in AD 70. Tells the same story in literal language which the book of Revelation presents in symbolic imagery. Must reading for serious Bible students. New edition. Commentary and illustrations by Paul Maier. Available in both hardback and paperback. 1144 pp hb