Maryland Seminar 2018 (MP3 CD)

This was a Saturday afternoon seminar in Bel Air, Maryland on Saturday, May 12, 2018. Ed Stevens presented two lessons, followed by a Q&A session: (1) When Did Christ Promise to Return? and (2) What Happened in A.D. 70? and (3) Q&A Session. These three sessions provide a great introduction to the Preterist view of Fulfilled Bible Prophecy. If you are new to the idea of past fulfillment in the first century, this will be a good set of lessons to listen to. It also provides some excellent introductory material to share with your non-preterist friends. This CD has the MP3 audio tracks for all three sessions, plus numerous related charts and articles (PDF format), including a free PDF copy of the book, What Happened in A.D. 70? To get even more benefit from the seminar, you might want to get the video DVD album, which includes this disc in the set. That way you have both the videos and the audios.