Matthew 24 Fulfilled

By John L. Bray. Written by a Southern Baptist evangelist after many years of eschatological study at some of the world’s best theological libraries. Shows that all of Matthew 24 was fulfilled by AD 70, including the Second Coming (Parousia). Bray documents most of the fulfillments from ancient writers such as Josephus and Eusebius. This book does NOT divide the chapter into two separate events like futurists and some partial preterits do. Instead, it treats the whole chapter as one unified discourse about the Judgment Coming of Christ and the End of the Jewish Age in AD 70. Easy-to-read, with valuable quotes from many different preterist writers of the past. You will not be disappointed. Every student of Endtime Bible Prophecy needs to read this. Reprint of the latest and best Fifth Edition (2008). 348 pages pb