Nebraska Retreat Videos

Here is your chance to eavesdrop on a preterist study retreat hosted by the family and friends of Mike and Linda Nichols at their home in Nebraska in October 2014. There were eleven sessions over the course of five days, including presentations on the resurrection, bodily change, and catching up. Other sessions were: How to Interpret Scripture, Timing Is Everything, Cosmology, and the Preterist Worldview. Plus an interactive session where we dealt with some of the most common questions about first century fulfillment. We dug deeply into the biblical text (1Cor 15, 2Cor 5, and 1Thess 4) to provide some of the best explanations of the resurrection, change, and rapture that we have ever presented. There are eleven sessions on six DVDs in the album, plus an extra CD with all eleven audio MP3 tracks and PDF lesson outlines. If you want to understand what Paul taught about the resurrection of the dead, the change of the living, and the catching up of all the saints, this is what you are looking for!