Passing of Heaven & Earth (1 track)

By David Chilton. Two lessons presented at a 1997 full preterist seminar in Oklahoma City shortly after Chilton became a Full Preterist. The two lessons were combined into one MP3 track. The associated PDF has the  transcript of both lessons. Uses John Owens to prove that 2 Peter 3 is talking about the fiery end of Judaism in AD 70 instead of the end of planet earth. This was the speech where he made the now famous statement: “Here I am as a Full Preterist.” He explains Matt 5:17-20 about the passing away of the old heavens and earth, and shows that it was referring to the soon-coming end of the old covenantal Jewish world and the arrival of the new covenantal world in Christ in that first century generation. Perhaps the most valuable part of it is his critique of Theonomy as it was formulated by Greg Bahnsen and William Einwechter. Chilton clearly shows how they misinterpreted both Matt 5:17-20 and Heb 8:13 in their attempt to bind the “jots and tittles” (every bit) of the Law upon us today. Chilton shows that the old heavens and earth passed away in AD 70, so that the jots and tittles of the Law are no longer bound on us after AD 70. You will want to use Chilton’s arguments the next time you talk to a Theonomist.