Podcast Archives – 2 DVDs

Then and Now Podcast by Ed Stevens. Several have requested access to the Then and Now historical podcasts we produced at Preterist Radio (www.AD70.net) and Covenant Key, plus all the new ones at Buzzsprout, so we archived all of them on two DVDs. Contents: 15 Lessons on Intertestamental History (539 BC to 4 BC), 70 Lessons on First Century History (4 BC to 62 AD), 31 Other maps, charts, and lesson outlines also included. Features: Lessons on Biblical History and related topics, each with its own MP3 audio file and PDF lesson outline. Intertestamental History and First Century History. Both biblical and secular history related to the plan of redemption and the fulfillment of bible prophecy from a preterist perspective. Almost three years worth of weekly historical and doctrinal studies. Gives you tremendous insight into the historical background of the Bible, plus deals with many of the current hot topics within preterism (such as the Resurrection, Bodily Change, and Rapture). Shows when all the NT books were written, and traces the development of the NT canon of writings. Documents the fulfillments of endtime prophecy with Josephus, Tacitus, Yosippon, Hegesippus, and Eusebius. Surveys the events leading up to AD 70, and gives an overview of the events during the Jewish Roman War (AD 66-73).