Preterism and the Afterlife

By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitle: “Plus: Parousia, Resurrection, Judgment, and the New Covenant Kingdom” An intermediate level study of Preterism from a sovereign grace, Full Preterist, rapture perspective. This book takes a deeper look into our “Afterlife”. What happens when we die? What kind of body do we get? Also explains the Parousia, the Resurrection, the final Judgment, and the Kingdom in which we now live. It offers over 600 scriptural footnotes. Teaches the priesthood of all believers and challenges the church to rethink its priorities and focus (worldview) going forward in human history. This book provides a bonus section presenting 70 verses that were fulfilled by 70ad with commentary on each to help Preterists share with others. Includes a Preterist Statement of Faith. Manuscript size. Spiral bound. 138 pp pb