Results of Fulfilled Prophecy

By Jessie Mills. Presents a lot of preterist material from a topical approach. From a Church of Christ evangelist who has been promoting the past fulfillment of prophecy since the 1950’s. He wrote feature articles for our newsletter back in the 1980’s. He teaches an Individual Body View (IBV) of the resurrection, similar to Ed Stevens, Mike Nichols, Parker Voll, Arthur Melanson, Ken Davies, Kurt Simmons, Charles Meek, and Dan Harden. In this book he deals with some of the implications of preterism upon our Christian doctrine and practice. Some really interesting thoughts about the date of Christ’s birth and other historical events. Many excellent insights not found anywhere else. Every preterist will enjoy reading this book. He has written a lot of articles which are posted on his website. Go to the Get Answers menu and click on the “Related Links” to find his website. 198 pp pb