Seminar – Garrettsville 2008 (4 DVDs)

Seminar held in Garrettsville, OH. Speaker: Ed Stevens. The Theme of the seminar was Introduction to Fulfilled Prophecy. The first lesson introduced the Fulfilled Prophecy view by playing a ten minute clip from an Atheist on YouTube who used the TIME statements to try to prove that Jesus was a false prophet. We showed how Jesus’ predictions about His first century return were actually fulfilled in AD 70, thus refuting the Atheist’s claims. The second lesson on the Heavens and Earth was something new. It used flip charts to explain the Biblical concept of a three-tiered universe. The Bible in both the Old and New Testaments repeatedly refers to the Heavens, the Earth, and Under the Earth, which are the three divisions of the Biblical World (including what is in both the Unseen and Seen realms). If you ever wondered what that language about the Heavens, Earth, and Under the Earth was talking about, this is the lesson for you. The third lesson showed how to interpret prophetic language (figurative or literal). The fourth lesson uses the writings of Eusebius, Tacitus, Josephus, Yosippon and other ancient historical sources to document the fulfillment of all the events predicted in Matthew 24. The lesson outline with the full text of all that documentation printed out is included on a separate CD. In addition to the four great lessons, there were three lengthy Question and Answer Sessions in which the audience drilled Stevens with tough questions about the parousia, resurrection, rapture and judgment, the status of Satan after AD 70, the 40-year millennium idea, how we know that the book of Revelation was written before AD 70, and who the Elect are and what it means when it says that ALL the elect were saved at AD 70. These are just a few examples of the interesting questions that were discussed. Some folks considered the Q and A sessions to be the most helpful part of the seminar. You will hear things here that you are not hearing anywhere else in the Preterist movement. You will finally understand the parousia, resurrection, rapture, and judgment events as they were fulfilled in the first century. When you buy the four-DVD album you will get an extra CD with the PDF files of Ed’s Cosmology Chart and his lesson on the fulfillments of Matthew 24 documented. We recommend the DVD set because all seven sessions constantly make visual reference to the flip charts. To get the most out of these presentations, you really need to see those charts on the screen.