Seminar – Garrettsville 2009 (4 DVDs)

Seminar held in Garrettsville, OH. Speakers: Ed Stevens, Joe Propri, and Parker Voll. Joe Propri did a marvelous job of explaining how to interpret figurative language. If the preterist view is new to you, then you will want to hear this lesson. Stevens shared an enhanced version of his Apostolic Canonization paper that was originally presented at the Evangelical Theological Society in Philadelphia. Apostolic Canonization is the very conservative idea that all 27 books of our New Testament were written, collected, and certified as being Scripture by the apostles before they passed from the earthly scene at AD 70. All Preterists need to hear this lesson. Then Voll presented a sneak peek at some of the material he is writing for our multi-authored response to Mathison. He showed how some of the partial preterist explanations of the time statements simply do not square with Scripture. Stevens next showed the continuing significance of the Church, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper after AD 70. The bulk of his lesson was focused on the Lord’s Supper, showing that the statement by Paul in 1 Cor 11:26 about the supper being observed “until he comes” was NOT indicating that the supper would cease at AD 70, but rather that it would continue to be observed in a “new way” with them in his presence at his table in his kingdom after the AD 70 Parousia. Stevens compared 1 Cor 11 to the three synoptic accounts of the institution of the Supper to show how the three gospel accounts help us interpret Paul’s words in 1 Cor 11. This is a fascinating study that every preterist will want to see. The third lesson by Stevens on the Preterist worldview looked at Ezekiel 47 and showed how it depicts the eternal growth of the Kingdom, and its ongoing implications for all nations and cultures on the planet. Plus, there were two question and answer sessions where the three speakers interacted with some very interesting questions submitted by the audience. This is good conservative Biblical teaching that you will not get from most other preterist teachers out there. There is something here for both beginners and advanced students of Bible Prophecy. We recommend the DVD set so that you can see the charts and lesson outlines that were projected on the overhead screen. To get the most out of these presentations, you really need to see those charts on the screen.