Seminar – Garrettsville 2010 (6 tracks)

Seminar held in Garrettsville Ohio with Ed Stevens. The Theme of the seminar was: What About The Rapture? The first lesson surveyed the dozens of “expectation statements” in the New Testament which tell us what the first century saints expected to see, hear, and experience at the Parousia. The second lesson covered the Old Testament background of the rapture. Next was an explanation of Biblical Cosmology (the Unseen realm and how it interacts with the Seen realm) and how the Parousia, Resurrection, Rapture and Judgment occurred in relation to both realms. Then we discussed the sequencing of the rapture, showing when it occurred in relation to the Tribulation and the Wrath outpouring. The final lesson dealt with “Christianity After the Rapture,” showing how the church was restarted from the gospel seed that the Apostles had planted before they left the earth. In addition to the five presentations, there were two Question and Answer Sessions which dealt with such issues as who was raised in Matt. 27:52f, the judgment mentioned in Matt. 16:27, when was the resurrection of the unjust, has hell been done away with, various objections related to the rapture, and the status of Satan after AD 70. You will hear things here that you are not hearing anywhere else in the Preterist movement. You will finally understand what Cosmology is and how it relates to the rapture. We recommend the video DVD set, since a lot of material was displayed on the overhead screen. You will get more out of these presentations when you both listen and watch them on screen. Also included in the set, are the lesson outlines in PDF format, and a couple of free preterist song tracks (“Flow” and “New Jerusalem”) performed by Tracy Mayle, with information about her preterist music ministry.