Vancouver Pret Conf 2018 (DVD album)

Vancouver Pret Conf 2018 (DVD album)

Conference Theme: Understanding the Preterist View. Here are the lesson topics:

• Understanding the Old Covenant and End Times – Rod Stokes
• Don’t Be Bamboozled (Part 1) – Michael Biehler
• Don’t Be Bamboozled (Part 2) – Michael Biehler
• Timing Is Everything – Parker Voll
• Understanding the End Times (Part 1) – Ken Higgs
• Understanding the End Times (Part 2) – Ken Higgs
History of Resurrection Views – Ed Stevens
Key Differences Between CBV & IBV – Ed Stevens
• Theology of the Rapture – Parker Voll
• Preterist Worldview and Afterlife – Ed Stevens

There is something here for everyone, no matter what your level of understanding. Especially helpful for those new to the Preterist view. Two of the lessons by Ed Stevens will be of special interest to long-time preterists who want to better understand the resurrection issue. In his first lesson, Stevens gives a historical overview of where the Futurist concept of resurrection came from, as well as how the two major preterist resurrection views were developed in the last 40 years. Then in his second lesson he explains the key differences between the two preterist resurrection views. This is totally new information that was not presented in any of our previous conferences. If you are struggling with the resurrection issue, you will want to watch these two lessons especially.

This DVD album includes video and audio for all ten speeches, three Q&A sessions, and three testimonials from new preterists. There are six DVDs in the album, plus the CD with the MP3 audio tracks and PDF lesson outlines for all ten of the main speeches.