Maryland Seminar 2018 (DVD album)

This was a Saturday afternoon seminar in Bel Air, Maryland on Saturday, May 12, 2018. Ed Stevens presented two lessons, followed by a Q&A session: (1) When Did Christ Promise to Return? and (2) What Happened in A.D. 70? and (3) Q&A Session. These three sessions provide a great introduction to the Preterist view of Fulfilled Bible Prophecy. If you are new to the idea of past fulfillment in the first century, this will be a good set of videos to watch. It also provides some excellent introductory material to share with your non-preterist friends. This album contains two DVD’s and one CD. The first DVD contains the two lessons, and the second DVD has the Q&A session. The CD has the MP3 audio tracks for all three sessions, plus numerous related charts and articles (PDF format), including a free PDF copy of the book, What Happened in A.D. 70?