Right From the Start

By Dr. David M. Fouts – Too many of us Christians have been confused by evolutionary teaching, and do not know what to believe about Genesis. Consequently, we compromise with evolution, or else refrain from taking any position on it. This book debunks all of the post-modern, liberal, and skeptical views of Genesis, and shows conclusively from the Hebrew grammar and historical-contextual analysis that Genesis 1-2 clearly teaches a literal six-day creation and a young earth. This is the most conservative and biblically sound commentary on Genesis 1-2 that I have ever read. The author taught Hebrew and Old Testament for 20 years at the undergraduate and graduate levels, so he is eminently qualified to exegete the Hebrew text of Genesis. Written for the average Christian leader, but powerful for scholars as well. The author says: “It is my hope that God will use this work to restore evangelical Christians back to a faith position that affirms Genesis 1-2 as an integral and foundational part of the authoritative Word of God, and in so doing, recognize that the traditional understanding has been right from the start (p. 18). [Trade Paper 172pp]