Niagara Pret Conf 2017 (MP3 CD)

Several of our past conferences dealt with the resurrection of the dead, but this is the first time we focused most of our attention on the Bodily Change of the Living Saints. And this is the best stuff we have ever presented on the interpretation of 1Cor 15 in regard to the resurrection and bodily change. There are seven speeches, four Q&A sessions, one video presentation by Arthur Melanson, and four brief testimonials (My Preterist Journey). The speeches by Parker Voll, Dave Johnston, and Ed Stevens focus on explaining the resurrection and change that are mentioned in 1Cor 15, 2Cor 5, Phlp 3:21, and Rom 8. One of the highlights of the conference is the friendly exchange (not a debate) of “Two Views of Bodily Change: CBV vs. IBV”. Pastor Mike Miano (Blue Point Bible Church) gives his affirmative speech representing the CBV view, followed by Ed Stevens who affirms the IBV view. Then it is opened up to the audience for questions. If you wish to know more about the differences between these two preterist views of the resurrection (Collective Body View vs. Individual Body View) and how they each interpret 1Cor 15, this will be a great set of MP3 audios for you. Simply load them on your smartphone and listen on the go. This CD-ROM contains all 14 MP3 audio tracks, plus the conference schedule, program book, and PDF lesson outlines for all seven of the main speeches.