Final Decade Before the End (print edition)

By Edward E. Stevens (Print Edition) – This is the latest and greatest historical material that was developed for our historical podcasts – newly edited and enhanced. It covers in great detail all the fulfillments of endtime prophecy during those last ten years just before the Jewish War. Carefully documented from Josephus, Tacitus, Yosippon, Hegesippus, Eusebius, and other historians. But it is so much more than just a list of historical fulfillments. It provides much insight into the development of our New Testament writings, and the activities of the Apostles in that final decade. This really puts the New Testament back into its original historical context. Our previous historical work, First Century Events, only briefly surveyed some of these events (73 pages). That material was greatly expanded in our podcasts and put into this new book (244 pages). If you want to see how all the endtime prophecies were fulfilled historically, this book is for you! 244 pages manuscript size. Spiral Binding lets it lay flat beside the Bible or Josephus. (Print Edition)

There are two versions of the book available: (1) This Print Edition, and (2) the other downloadable Electronic Edition (PDF).