Discovered: Noah’s Ark

Published by Wyatt Archaeological Research – “And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains [plural] of Ararat…” (Gen 8:4). In September 1960, an aerial photo of a boat-shaped object on one of the “mountains” [plural] associated with Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey, was published in LIFE Magazine (Sept 5, 1960). When Ron Wyatt read that article, his interest was captivated. For the next 39 years, Wyatt and his team repeatedly visited the site and performed many different kinds of tests on it. They found that the length of this object was the same as the dimensions given in the Bible (Gen 6:15). Their surface and sub-surface surveys revealed that there are evenly-spaced petrified wood structures inside it. A core drilling into the side of the boat produced an antler and feline hair. They also found fossilized iron rivets that held the timber joints together. And there were huge anchor stones (drogue stones) nearby. The Turkish government sent their archaeologists to investigate the site, and officially recognized it as “Noah’s Big Boat” in 1987. They dedicated the site as a national park, and built a visitors center on the hill overlooking it. The size and location of this boat (at 6500 feet in elevation) supports the idea of a global flood, and shows that the Biblical account in Genesis is historically and geologically accurate and trustworthy. This video talks about all of this, and will encourage you and build your faith in the Bible. You might also wish to get the associated book, Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mountain, which fully documents all of Ron Wyatt’s archaeological work on this site. That book is available from us right here on this website bookstore. [one DVD in an album with color photo cover]